dating Kohlhase and Kopp tins

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Dating Rattray Tins

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Sep 27,  · Gawith date codes it’s tins with a 5 digit number (typically printed on a clear sticker found on the side or back of the tin),the first 2 digits for the day and the last 3 digits for the number of months from December (including December which has to be accounted for in the calculation).

Diagram B, the weft Diagram C, the tartan. The combining of the warp and weft. Each thread in the warp crosses each thread in the weft at right angles. Where a thread in the warp crosses a thread of the same colour in the weft they produce a solid colour on the tartan, while a thread crossing another of a different colour produces an equal mixture of the two colours.

Thus, a set of two base colours produces three different colours including one mixture. The total number of colours, including mixtures, increases quadratically with the number of base colours so a sett of six base colours produces fifteen mixtures and a total of twenty-one different colours. This means that the more stripes and colours used, the more blurred and subdued the tartan’s pattern becomes.

In diagram A, the sett reverses at the first pivot, then repeats, then reverses at the next pivot, and will carry on in this manner horizontally. In diagram B, the sett reverses and repeats in the same way as the warp, and also carries on in the same manner vertically. The diagrams left illustrate the construction of a “symmetrical” tartan.

However, on an “asymmetrical” tartan, the sett does not reverse at the pivots, it just repeats at the pivots. Also, some tartans very few do not have exactly the same sett for the warp and weft. This means the warp and weft will have alternate thread counts.

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The light Virginias give you exactly what they’re supposed to: The Kentucky is not too strong and gives it what strength the blend has. The Brazilian lights are condiments. It’s a near perfect blend of quality tobaccos and is an all day smoke. The coin cut is loose enough that you can easily rub it out or stack them without getting a tight draw. No bite, and burns cool, clean and slightly slow.

Rattray More mistakes are made in dating Rattray tobacco tins than with any other brand. The key is to generally disregard the label and look at the tin itself. Rattray was a Scottish tobacconist who closed up shop in about but whose highly regarded pipe tobacco blends continue to the present day.

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Designed and printed at Coulls Somerville Wilkie, Dunedin. This a bit cheeky as he was not — that phrase indicates he was the first and possibly also suggests he was the best. Neither of these things are particularly true. All you have to think of is Joseph Bruno Moran , for instance, and a list of others that came before him and which no doubt he was beholden to. They both worked as labourers in the Timaru, Canterbury area.

Subject: Re: Dating Rattray Tins Mon Jan 05, pm My tin of H. Targe has a thick layer of dust on it. Proper sedimentary tin analysis could possibly prove it to be circa maybe even

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get Black Country updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A gang which flew more than half a million pounds worth of drugs into UK prisons in the largest drone smuggling operation has been jailed for 37 years. Fifteen offenders – all from the Black Country and Birmingham – flew Class A drugs, mobile phones and steroids into jails all over the country including HMP Birmingham.

Ringleader Lee Anslow – who is the nephew of notorious drugs kingpin John Anslow – headed-up the huge contraband network from behind bars. The year-old orchestrated around half of all flights from his prison cell at HMP Hewell, Redditch. In just over a year, the gang made at least 55 drops to criminals serving time in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Worcestershire, Warrington, Lancashire and Liverpool prisons.

Today, the gang has been jailed after a lengthy investigation by West Midlands Police. What was smuggled into the prisons? One of the 11 drones seized by police in huge drugs operation The gang used drones to supply prisoners with a variety of drugs. This included crack cocaine, heroin, Mamba or Spice, steroids, amphetamines, skunk and synthetic cannabis. Mobile phones, memory sticks and SIM cards were also smuggled into prisons across the UK during 14 months.

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It was not long before Charles Peterson, walked into Kapp Brothers Grafton Street premises armed with a revolutionary pipe. Peterson suggested that the brothers go into partnership with him to turn his pipe dream into the world’s dream pipe. Kapp and Peterson went on to become Dublin’s most fashionable and respected manufacturer and purveyor of fine smoking products. Old Dublin A supreme style of smoking mixture based on the renowned cool smoky aroma of Cyprus Latakia.

This mixture is made from an old Irish recipe dating back to and is one of the finest tobaccos smoked in the time of Sherlock Holmes. The straight Virginia blend possesses all the natural flavour and aroma associated with Premier Virginia tobaccos.

Point in case — is this packaged cheese brand. Someone was selling a box on-line a few weeks ago and I have faithfully recreated the carton design as best I can from the blurry snap. Anyway, this tome told me that the only Huia brand there were many that was manufacturing dairy product was The Co-operative Dairy Company of Otago Ltd, Castle Street in Dunedin, and dates the logo to The first dairy co-operative was established in Otago in I found a registered trademark at the NZ Intellectual Property Office, but like all in their database, it does not give years unfortunately.

It seems they still own the rights and it sits idle. I can imagine after the war, with rationing restrictions loosened and an exploding demand for new products, GF took their humble Co-op purchase out of its tin milk cans and greasy paper — turning the brand commercial with processed convenience foods such as this foil wrapped flavoured sandwich spread. The Co-operative Dairy Co. GF rivals Fonterra for its trading and decimation of brands making it nearly impossible to unravel some of these stories.


History of the kilt The kilt first appeared as the great kilt, the breacan or belted plaid , during the 16th century, and is Gaelic in origin. A version of the filleadh beag philibeg , or small kilt also known as the walking kilt , similar to the modern kilt was invented by an English Quaker from Lancashire named Thomas Rawlinson some time in the s. He felt that the belted plaid was “cumbrous and unwieldy”, and his solution was to separate the skirt and convert it into a distinct garment with pleats already sewn, which he himself began wearing.

I ran across an old tin of Rattray’s Jock’s mixture and it came to me today. The ad said it was unopened but the label had holes. For $10 I decided to gamble on it.

The artist was always interested in drawing and had created a large collection of images by the time she graduated from school. Therefore, she thought that she may be able to sell some of her drawings to supplement her income. She approached an agency for artists who, though sceptical about the sale-ability of the drawings, took some of them.

Within a month they had all sold and the agency was asking for more. Soon she was completing enough work, for various publishers, to live on and pay for her study fees. The artist failed to complete either course as she had little interest in classical drawing and their other teaching styles, instead preferring to draw from her own imagination.

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I am not new to FVF; I have collected more of those lovely gold and yellow-green tins than I care to admit. I am simply here to help spread the word and remark on a few points for any novices of this flake. My first point, based on reading these reviews, is this:

Subject: Re: dating Kohlhase and Kopp tins Thu Feb 21, pm So I guess there is no way to figure out? I bought it from a B&M in December, but who knows how long its been on the shelf.

I’ve been a pipe smoker since I did not undertake this particular review until I had smoked an entire tin of Westminster, 17 bowls in 15 different pipes. Personally, I will never review any tobacco that I haven’t smoked at least that much; I believe that this is the only way to learn enough about a tobacco to be able to form a relatively informed opinion. In general, it takes time to get to know a new tobacco. It takes time to find the right pipe in your collection to bring out the best in a tobacco, and it takes time to learn the optimal smoking cadence for a new tobacco.

And to make things even more unpredictable, some pipes and tobaccos perform best under certain climactic conditions. I bought several tins of Westminster when it was first released. I was anxious to try them. I put them away for “a while” to smooth out the blend, and then proceeded to be distracted. Opening the can released a whoosh of air; the tin was over three years old with a slight bulge in the bottom, so that’s no surprise.

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Thursday, December 11, Logan’s Run Today’s featured actor may be obscure to many of you, though he is particularly familiar to those of a certain age for a run of outdoorsy films he made in the s. Prior to that he had entered the Hollywood meat grinder and endured the publicity grist mill with modest success, though his name is far from a household word. We’re referring to Robert Logan. Born in Brooklyn, New York on May 29th, , he was the son of a successful bank executive and would emerge as the eldest of seven children.

Named for his father Robert Logan Sr.

Dating Your Tins. With Chronology of Tin / Can Development. by Mike Reilly (completely revised January, ). Updated 10/14/ At some time, tin collectors want to know something about the history behind their tins or more often, how old they are.

Abstract Due to a growing world population and the effects of anthropogenic climate change, access to clean water is a growing global concern. Managed aquifer recharge MAR is a method that can help society’s response to this increasing demand for pure water. In MAR, the groundwater resources are replenished and the quality of the recharged surface water is improved through effects such as the removal of organic matter. This removal occurs through mechanisms such as microbial decomposition, which can be monitored by studying the isotopic composition of dissolved inorganic carbon DIC.

Nevertheless, the monitoring can be difficult when there are other factors, like dissolving calcite, affecting the isotopic composition of DIC. The aims of this study were to establish a method for monitoring the decomposition of organic matter dissolved organic carbon — DOC in cases where calcite dissolution adds another component to the DIC pool, and to use this method to monitor the beginning and amount of DOC decomposition on a MAR site at Virttaankangas, southwestern Finland.

Mit dem Dunhill “Flake” in der Steckeschlääferklamm (Binger Wald)!

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