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Active forum and history dating back to ! The current POTM will ask you to create a crossword grid from a list of given words. Plus explore their archives. All the challenge and enjoyment of solving sudoku puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, codeword puzzles, fracture puzzles, crosswords and more, similar to the games and puzzles found in newspapers and magazines. Every month a new selection of puzzles and games for you to download and play – anytime, anywhere, without being connected to the internet. Anagram Genius Solves anagrams and creates relevant, grammatical anagrams of any subject. More than 2 billion unique crisscross puzzles for Windows 95, 98, ME, or It creates complete crosswords from scratch. Shareware, Windows and Linux. Crossword Compiler will help you create, edit and desktop-publish crosswords.

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He at once, Down the long series of eventful time, So fix’d the dates of being, so disposed To every living soul of every kind The field of motion, and the hour of rest. Do you know the date of the wedding? We had to change the dates of the festival because of the flooding. A point in time You may need that at a later date.

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He not only wrote the manuscript using his own alphabet and a secret code but he also hid his name among the stems and roots of some of the plants in his botanical drawings. Mistakes in the manuscript point to the possibility that a precocious child could have been the author. In this paper I suggest that Tarot cards were the source of the sun, moon and star motifs found on drawings in the Voynich Manuscript and carvings on an Afro-Portuguese ivory horn.

Additional evidence indicates that the author of this mysterious manuscript was left-handed. The Voynich Botanical Plants It would normally be regarded as a distinct handicap when viewing the botanical drawings in the VM, never to have seen a medieval herbal or botanical manuscript, however having no preconceived ideas as to what to expect, I am able to view the drawings without bias. Like everyone else who sees these drawings for the first time, I was totally confused by some of their fantastic and eccentric characteristics and was ready to abandon the project.

Fortunately I printed out a few of the more normal drawings, and while studying them at home one night I realized that the creeper illustrated in folio 32r was growing outside my back door. The following morning I confirmed that the flowers and leaves were very similar to this creeper. Leonardo da Vinci and Bartolomeo Marchionni The intention of this paper is to show that Leonardo da Vinci may have had a life long association with Bartholomeo di Domenico Marchionni, the wealthy Florentine banker in Lisbon, who financed some of the Portuguese voyages of exploration to West Africa, India and Brazil and who played a prominent role in the early years of the African slave trade.

He may have been the person Leonardo referred to as “Bartolomeo the Turk. This paper investigates the possibility that he may have been responsible for having African artists from Sierra Leone and Benin trained to carve ivory artifact, which he subsequently sold to his wealthy clients in Europe. Those ivory pieces that have survived the last five centuries are now known as the Afro-Portuguese ivories.

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Not only are the peal of bells of note, listed it is said for the purity of their tone, but the church itself is remarkable for its size, beauty, interior church monuments , and its churchyard yew trees. The bells are traditionally one of the Seven Wonders of Wales and commemorated in an anonymously written rhyme: Pistyll Rhaeadr and Wrexham steeple, Snowdon’s mountain without its people, Overton yew trees, St Winefride wells, Llangollen bridge and Gresford bells.

Though the present edifice was built in the late 13th century by the Welsh patron Trahaearn ap Ithel ap Eunydd and his five brothers , additions and improvements in the 14th and 15th centuries obscure much of the original building. The very size of All Saints meant that it was probably a place of pilgrimage for centuries, housing a relic or stature of a saint that has since disappeared. Some of the stained glass windows in the church came from the dissolved abbey at Basingwerk on the banks of the River Dee below Holywell.

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You need to find that bit in the middle where there is not much space left in the brain. That will be different for each individual. They then tested whether performing puzzles such as Sudoku or anagrams would help to reduce the recurrence of the earworms. They found that while Sudoku puzzles could help prevent the songs from replaying their heads, if they were too difficult it had little effect. Anagrams were more successful and they found that solving those with five letters gave the best results.

Unfinished thoughts are more likely to return. The most common tend to be popular songs that are in the charts or are particularly well known. Mountaineer Joe Simpson famously reported being bothered by a song he hated — Brown Girl in the Ring by Boney M — as he lay injured on a glacier in Peru. Fearing he might die, the tune played endlessly in his head, he later recalled. Researchers, however, claim there is often little logic to the songs that become stuck in our heads but they often are songs we know well and like.

Dr Vicky Williamson, a music psychologist at Goldsmiths, University of London, has been studying earworms and says that the most likely songs to get stuck are those that are easy to hum along to or sing but are often unique to individuals. She has identified a number events that can trigger these songs to intrude on our every day lives, including repeated exposure to a piece of music, recent exposure to the music, seeing lyrics from the song, moments of stress and allowing your mind to wander.

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Dec 27, Laura Osnes and her husband, photographer Nathan Johnson, open up about setting boundaries when it comes to romance onstage. But her heart was captured long ago—before she won the reality show competition ” Grease: In a rare twist of theatrical events, the two ended up going on together after the actors playing Aladdin and Jasmine collided on stage and had to go to the hospital. It turned out to be a very happy accident for Johnson and Osnes, who shared their first of many kisses onstage that night.

Osnes’ real-life leading man moved off the stage and into the photography studio.

As verbs the difference between date and dated is that date is to note the time of writing or executing; to express in an instrument the time of its execution while dated is (date). As a noun date is the fruit of the date palm, phoenix dactylifera, somewhat in the shape of an olive, containing a soft, sweet pulp and enclosing a hard kernel or date can be that addition to a writing.

This page list all the various possible anagrams for the word zhu. Use it for solving word puzzles, scrambles and for writing poetry, lyrics for your song or coming up with rap verses. The zhu was an ancient Chinese string instrument. Although it is no longer used, three very old specimens in varying degrees of preservation survive. It first became popular during the Warring States Period, when its most famous player was Gao Jianli, a citizen of the state of Yan who attracted the attention and played for Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China.

The instrument remained popular through the Sui and Tang dynasties, and was lost during the Song Dynasty. Little is known about the instrument but it is believed to have been a zither with a rectangular wooden body, with silk or gut strings that were played with a slender stick. Although ancient sources state that the instrument was struck, it is possible that it was actually plucked with the stick in the manner of the Korean komungo.

We couldn’t find any anagrams for the word zhu.

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In this connection his appeals are in striking agreement with the specially ethical demands of the law books, and in phraseology so much resemble them as to warrant the conclusion that the requirements of the law on these subjects were known and acknowledged. Bigots and tyrants may have turned pale at his name, as a famous hyperbole has it. From the high ground on which the modern village stands one looks down on the bare undulating hills of one of the bleakest districts of Palestine, “the waste howling wilderness,” which must have suggested some of the startling imagery of the prophet’s addresses.

A regulation of the form was of no avail while the whole spirit of the observance was corrupt; the soul of religion was dead, and the prophet had a higher duty than to dress out the carcass. The satirist, the law, and society The relations of satirists to the law have always been delicate and complex. Elizabethan writers , anxious to follow Classical models but misled by a false etymology, believed that satyre derived from the Greek satyr play:

This was head honcho Surrealist Andr Breton’s anagram of the name of his former friend Salvador Dal, and a less than complimentary swipe at the latter’s well-documented love of Sat 22nd Dec

Share this article Share The more films you’ve watched, the better you’ll be at spotting the titles in the anagrams. So, put your heads together and see if you can spot your favourite Christmas film. Can you guess what film is hidden in this anagram? This one is an easy one Bad Santa: The American comedy starring Billy Bob Thornton 2.

This film is definitely a festive favourite and is bound to be on your TV screens this Christmas Home Alone: Did you work it out? What film can you spot in among the jumbled letters?

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Both Leggett and Clintonville are recalled in area street names. It was remarked that Hebner had visited Manhattan exactly once during the year he was here. On occasion, I feel like Hebner: I clap my hands over my ears when fire engines pass in the street and when express trains pass on the LIRR platform. I change my seat on the train when screaming kids or loud IPod people are around. This is the first movie theatre I remember going to.

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Each player begins the game with two bishops. One starts between the king’s knight and the king, the other between the queen’s knight and the queen. In algebraic notation the starting squares are c1 and f1 for White’s bishops, and c8 and f8 for Black’s bishops. The object of the game is to threaten the opponent’s king in such a way that escape is not possible checkmate.

If a player’s king is threatened with capture, it is said to be in check, and the player must remove the threat of capture on the next move. If this cannot be done, the king is said to be in checkmate, resulting in a loss for that player. Although the king is the most important piece, it is usually the weakest piece in the game until a later phase, the endgame.

Players cannot make any move that places the king in check. It is normally represented by a horse’s head and neck. Each player starts with two knights, which begin on the row closest to the player, one square from each corner. Each player starts the game with one queen, placed in the middle of the first rank next to the king. Because of the value of a queen, it is sometimes used as bait to lure an opponent into a trap by a queen sacrifice.

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As another series of ITV’s Catchphrase arrives, it got us thinking about the best and worst sayings from our favourite shows. Whether it’s Joey’s chat-up attempts in Friends or famous grump Victor Meldrew , the small screen has given us some classic quotes. Have your say on the greatest TV catchphrases in our poll below and we’ll see what our survey says.

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Examples[ edit ] Anagrams don’t necessarily have to use all letters, but they normally do. Anagrams may be created as a commentary on the subject. For example, it may be a synonym or antonym of its subject, a parody, a criticism, satire: Any historical material on anagrams must always be interpreted in terms of the assumptions and spellings that were current for the language in question. In particular, spelling in English only slowly became fixed.

Influence of Latin[ edit ] As a literary game when Latin was the common property of the literate, Latin anagrams were prominent: The origins of these are not documented.

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Naaran is an ancient Jewish village dating to the 5th and 6th century CE, located in the West Bank. Remains of the village have been excavated north of Jericho, in Ephraim, between Bethel and Jericho.

Funeral — A funeral is a ceremony connected with the burial, cremation, etc. Customs vary widely both between cultures and between groups and denominations within cultures. Common secular motivations for funerals include mourning the deceased, celebrating their life, additionally, funerals often have religious aspects which are intended to help the soul of the deceased reach the afterlife, resurrection or reincarnation.

The funeral usually includes a ritual through which the corpse of the deceased is given up, depending on culture and religion, these can involve either the destruction of the body or its preservation. Differing beliefs about cleanliness and the relationship between body and soul are reflected in funerary practices, when a funerary ceremony is performed but the body of the deceased is not available, it is usually called a memorial service. The word funeral comes from the Latin funus, which had a variety of meanings, including the corpse, Funerary art is art produced in connection with burials, including many kinds of tombs, and objects specially made for burial with a corpse.

Funeral rites are as old as human culture itself, pre-dating modern Homo sapiens, substantial cross-cultural and historical research document funeral customs as a highly predictable, stable force in communities. Funeral customs tend to be characterized by five anchors, significant symbols, gathered community, ritual action, cultural heritage, and transition of the dead body. A Buddhist funeral marks the transition from one life to the next for the deceased and it also reminds the living of their own mortality.

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Time was when children were named after their parents, grandparents or other highly respected ancestors, but today that’s changing. New moms and dads are looking around at dozens of baby name books now available, or are clicking around the Web for suggestions that reportedly contain some 50, different names, spellings and name meanings. How does it sound? But finding general guidelines or reading lists of baby names is only the beginning.

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Eagles anagrams! In case you’re unfamiliar, an anagram is the result of rearranging the letters of a word or phrase to produce a new word or phrase, using all the original letters exactly once.

An estimation of the age of an artifact , biological vestige , linguistic usage, etc. Douglass , “Some aspects of the use of the annual rings of trees in climatic study”. The Scientific Monthly 15 1: A comparison in seven sequoias between very careful counting and accurate dating in 2, years shows an average counting error of 35 years, which is only 1. Drotten Church in Lund. Chronology 1, page 73 , Different dendrochronological datings have different veracity.

The veracity of a dendrochronological dating depends on the certainty of the collations on the dendrochronological scale. The setting of a date on which an event or transaction is to take place or take effect. Duncan, Charles Franklin Phillips, Retailing: Principles and Methods, page , But C. They are so disliked by buyers that they are used by sellers only when the latter are quite uncertain of a buyer’s ability and willingness to pay.

Hicks, Social Democracy and Welfare Capitalism, page , Pressure from unemployment for retrenchment is evident for the “early” as well as “best” datings of retrenchment.

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