The Challenge (TV series)

Here was their thought process- I want these kids to stay at a cool hotel and I want them to party with a lot of spring breakers. I know lets put them up at the ME and then have them work for a Spring Break Company… In theory it is the right thinking but man did it not work out well. Lets break it down. ME- This decision is a bit more forgivable. Once they made the call for Mexico they had to put these kids on as resort. The size of the place they need for this show means they are in a hotel or they are in them middle of nowhere. In NY and LA and other cities you can put them in warehouses away from the center of things and they still have a blast. But Cancun is much like Vegas, where if the cast is not in the center of all the action, the viewer would see the sad and depressing side of the city. Somehow it was not clearly explained to the ME management that a your hotel only benefits if it looks cool, and b MTV has 22 times the profits of ME.

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Most notably, the gay houseguests to join the different casts around the United States and around the globe. Below is a list of the men, women, bisexual and transgender people who have graced out TV screens, warmed our hearts, and in turn are worthy of our judgment. Over the course of the season, he developed a serious relationship with a man outside of the existing cast.

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The Real World Cancun: Episode 2 -“Jerkface Joes and Romeos” This episode made me laugh many times. It made me laugh because the people in this show are SO immature. But, once again, it makes for a good show. In this episode, Jonna and CJ become much closer. They are “snuggle buddies” and now that CJ is newly single, he’s making it obvious he’s trying to bring it to the next step. He does everything that Jonna will let him do.

They nap together, dance together, and talk all the time. Things begin to change in the end of the episode though. While all of that is happening, there is more drama in the house.

Real World (TV series)

All in their early 20s at the time the show was filmed, the cast of “The Real World Cancun” brought a mixture of youthful freedom, sensitive maturity, and open sexual exploration. As usual, this “Real World” cast featured an even mix of four guys and four girls, along with a few cast members that were bound to clash. This “Real World Cancun” cast member was also openly gay, with an ex-boyfriend that couldn’t seem to let go.

A 21 year old who left a committed relationship on hold in her hometown to join the cast of “The Real World Cancun”. Featured on the show as biracial and beautiful, her challenge was to remain faithful to her boyfriend. Her flirtatious side, however, seemed to get the best of her.

Now, it may seem like this is not a distinction to be proud of. This is probably the point where I need to defend watching a show that is ostensibly all about young people drinking and having sex with each other. I think, and I am not alone , that The Real World often offers a revealing insight into modern social dynamics. On the one hand, it illustrates what a large role circumstances and environment play on personalities: Year after year, season after season, the same plots and issues repeat with different people due to the shared experience of cameras and closed-quarters.

People are consistently boiled down to similar stereotypes, despite varying backgrounds and agendas. The confessionals illustrate conflicts of internal and interpersonal sincerity, as you, the viewer get to know things that close friends and roommates do not, while simultaneously not actually knowing what is going on behind the lens of cameras and editing rooms. On a very basic level, it also shows what issues tend to unite and divide people, and what people perceive as slights or offenses.

Recently, however, as a result of competition from the likes of Survivor, Dancing with the Stars and, of course, The Hills, the show has undergone a bit of an identity crisis. Starting with The Real World: Sydney MTV started letting fans vote online for one of the housemates. The next season, Hollywood, stretched episodes out to an hour and featured a cast entirely of people trying to break into the entertainment industry how different this was from previous seasons is debatable, but this time they were explicit about it.

The newest season, Cancun, premiered Wednesday night, and The Real World still seems unsure of itself. MTV is also trying something new by having two housemates who know each other from home as well as having additional roommates who are, apparently, Facebook friends.

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BlockedUnblock FollowFollowing 21 years old. Follow me on Twitter febreezyfresh Oct 8, Challenge Dirty Thirty Hottest Women of the Challenge With Season 30 of the Challenge upon us, I decided to deep dive through the past thirty seasons and find the thirty hottest girls to ever show up. When picking the thirty girls, I went from back to front, I started with girls who premiered early on around season 3, then I would jump back to the present, then back and forth in order to attempt an equal representation between eras.

My Website LVobsessed said: After the Real World episodes had all finished, at some vague and unspecified point in the post-production timeline, Aiiiya expressed interest in Jonna. Jonna led her on, and then hurt her feelings, because the occasional threesome notwithstanding, Jonna is basically straight, and doesn’t really like Aiiiya like that.

At first, Jonna tried to say that it was Aiiiya who had first suggested the threesome with Pat, but when Aiiiya revealed that she had brought the email from Jonna with her, Jonna backed down, resignedly but more or less good-naturedly. Jonna finally admitting to various antics was really the theme of the night.

She even admitted to going after Pat – and other girls’ crushes – on purpose. And she also revealed that she and Matt had only been dating for 2 months when she left for the show. For armchair Jonna analysts everywhere, that will have been very telling, because the way she spoke about him, both before and after the breakup, gave the impression that this was a serious, committed relationship.

‘s Real World Cancun Reunion

Originally Posted by MoePhoenix7 And both Pat and Jonna are a couple of shady, lying pieces of shit so in the greater scheme of things, they really deserve each other. You know if you have to talk about how psycho and messed up Jasmine is to everyone else but her, that says more about your character and personality than it does hers. Jonna is such a treacherous bitch for getting all excited by Jasmine storming off because she was with Pat. She’s terrible and rotted. I think she would stay with him and torture him until he was suicidal, knowing her nasty ass cheated too.

How is she gonna take her top off in the bathroom Originally Posted by MoePhoenix7 I would have loved to watch an entire episode of just Ayiiiiiiiiiiiia gloating about Joey’s send-off.

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I still wouldn’t kick her out of bed Chris I’ll actually agree with you on this one. She’s crazy and not very nice but she’s kinda pretty. Red Dog , Along with Bronnie he was my favorite guy in the house.

It’s even lit like one. Accent lamps splash gold light up and down the facade, four stories of red brick and brownstone at 20th and S streets NW. People stop by, look up, cock their heads, think to themselves: There, I’ve seen it, and maybe, What’s it mean? Inside is MTV’s “The Real World,” which — after 17 years, 22 locations and lots of cultural baggage — finally moved in last month.

The District throbs with a newfound youthful exuberance and in comes MTV, with its past-its-prime, ratings-challenged reality series.

Real World: Go Big or Go Home

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