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Share this article Share They will set off at the end of May but have not set a date because it will depend on the perfect weather conditions. The Hydroptere is able to achieve world-record speeds through its drag-minimising design. The boat rises above the sea surface to eliminate resistance using its ‘marine wings’, which are under each of the floats of the trimaran. Its name is even taken from the Greek for water and wing. Once the boat reaches ten knots, the underwater wings, generate an upward thrust to raise the boat like the wing of a plane. In feat of engineering, the ship’s foils manage to withstand a huge amount of pressure, which is estimated to be twice as much pressure as the wings of a jet fighter. The boat can accelerate from 20 to 45 knots in just ten seconds. Hydroptere broke the outright sailboat speed world record in when it sustained a speed of

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Edit The Sicaran Omega Tank Destroyer, like the base Sicaran and its myriad variants are now a long-forgotten part of the Imperium’s distant past. These vehicles are only now found deep within the relic chambers of those few Adeptus Astartes Chapters that are lucky enough to possess them at all. The tank’s Machine Spirit artificial intelligence slumbers fitfully in its relic chamber and when awoken appears haunted by the dire events of the Horus Heresy. The Sicaran Omega possessed some of the most advanced and therefore ill-understood machine systems, and it is the subject of deep-rooted awe and superstition, even amongst the most venerable Masters of the Forge.

Even when held in stasis, the Sicaran Omega must be ministered to constantly by its overseers, never less than a score of servo-lectors combining their efforts to ensure the machine’s continued rest, as should the Sicaran Omega awake before being called, its Machine Spirit is prone to behave in an unpredictable manner. The Omega Plasma Array is a simplified, and sometimes considered crude, over-sized copy of the ancient Mechanicum ‘s Plasma-fusil Weaponry , a stopgap and imperfect copy that was nonetheless capable of being produced by the lesser forges attached to many Space Marine Legion strongholds, allowing them to replace losses of more complex vehicles.

These weapons relied on the brutal application of overwhelming force to reduce enemy armour to wrecks instead of the precise annihilation of more advanced weapons systems. The Omega Plasma Array is capable of focusing and projecting a highly pressurised stream of volatile and highly charged plasma, vaporising outer armour layers and literally burning through an enemy tank’s defences. The weapon is capable of firing either as a volley of plasma bolts, or as a sustained burn which can quickly rip through multiple layers of armour plating, at the expense of potentially overheating the weapon.

The highly charged plasma utilised by the Sicaran Omega is contained at pressures that are difficult to regulate for even the most skilled Techmarines , and even a slight miscalculation can lead to disaster. When such an engine suffers a catastrophic breach, the destruction wrought is far more terrible than for other vehicles of its class.


Leading constructor of nuclear subs wants to build more and quicker Sevmash steps up modernization of capacities at its naval yard in Severodvinsk, northern Russia. By Atle Staalesen The Independent Barents Observer January 22, The shipyard located outside Arkhangelsk has for years been heavily loaded with new construction orders from the Ministry of Defense. Wide-scale upgrades have been conducted the last nine years.

But more is needed, the company argues. Sevmash is now preparing for an additional expansion of capacities.

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History of Technology Heroes and Villains – A little light reading Here you will find a brief history of technology. Initially inspired by the development of batteries, it covers technology in general and includes some interesting little known, or long forgotten, facts as well as a few myths about the development of technology, the science behind it, the context in which it occurred and the deeds of the many personalities, eccentrics and charlatans involved.

You may find the Search Engine , the Technology Timeline or the Hall of Fame quicker if you are looking for something or somebody in particular. Scroll down and see what treasures you can discover.

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The marriage law survey is almost certain to favour change. Alex Ellinghausen Second, a repudiation of do-nothing politics: Like the Aesop fable, they tried not to offend anyone but ended up offending all. The “yes” vote for marriage equality is also a “no” vote for the shock-jock, News-Ltd view of the world that political correctness has gone mad and the world is full of dole bludgers and refugees in Armani apparel.

The plebiscite will be a game-changer for Australian politics. This is because there is a difference between this and the miscalculation. So he called the election for March 5, seven months early.

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August 7, Part 2: While we waited for Geoff Duller to arrive we had to work quickly, but we knew also we had to make sure we were digging in areas that would be most relevant to dating the sands and their archaeological record. No time for mistakes. But there was another frustration with those enigmatic red sands — they were very hard. As we came down on the final metre of sand, above bedrock, the pick only dented the surface.

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The events, held about once a month, give dozens of single people the chance to gather at a restaurant and meet one another in stress-free mini dates. Denver native Anna Maria Basquez found her calling as a speed dating organizer in early at a pivotal time in her life. Bridget of Sweden for over a year, taking about 20 minutes out of her day to remember the Passion of Christ and reinforce her faith in God.

Anna Maria Basquez pictured on the right founded Denver Catholic Speed Dating in after her first event was a rousing success. So Anna decided to host a Catholic-oriented speed dating event at a local restaurant. Not all of these couples met at the event itself, but Anna said the overall experience helped participants focus on what they want in life, which led them to search for and find their significant others.

The average participant is a working professional who wants to settle down with someone within the Catholic faith. Her events have attracted many high-caliber singles, including pro golfers and entertainment journalists. She actually hosted a Philadelphia speed dating event in the night before Pope Francis flew into the city from New York. It was such a shock.

Although she once had dreams of working for the FBI, a torn ACL led her down another path, and she has found fulfillment bringing people together on mini dates. Every month, Anna began by putting on a speed dating event for 24 to 30 Catholic daters in the Denver area. The popularity of the events has led her to grow her team and increase the frequency of her events over time.

Anna said she prefers to keep the events somewhat small and intimate so attendees have time to talk and get to know one another, but she also hosts large blow-out parties and packs the room with Catholics interested in getting in a relationship.


Sat Jun 14, 1: True Downeast boats trace their legendary performance to a long line of ocean-proven workboats dating all the way back to Friendship sloops and Muscongus Bay schooners. For generations, Maine fisherman have relied on these rugged boats to take them to sea, function as stable, dependable work platforms, and then bring them home safely, burdened with the trip’s catch – in weather that most of us wouldn’t venture out in, 12 months a year.

REPORT DATE 09 MAY 2. REPORT TYPE TITLE AND SUBTITLE Design of a High Speed Planing Hull with a Cambered Step and Surface Piercing Hydrofoils 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) deep V planing

After some fellow travel writers and I got a personal tour of his production facility plus a kayak demo on the Caney Fork River in Rock Island State Park — including a degree flip off a rock overhang — his products were infused with even more spirit. Founded in by Eric Jackson and Tony Lunt, Jackson Kayak designs, builds and manufactures whitewater, fishing and exploration paddle-sports products. However, his young son provided initial creative fodder for Jackson Kayak.

At the time, no kayak manufacturer made kayaks small enough for preschool-age kids, so Jackson filled that niche — and products such as Rockstar XS and the Fun still provide an early start for a young kayaker. He expanded his product line, adding a diversity of groundbreaking products along the way: The JK line even includes a pontoon-style, twin-hull fishing kayak.

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